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NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1A Approvals with Citations<100
EB1 Approvals with Citations<50 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
9529 2023-03-22 17:53:51
It was a great experience to work with the highly professional, organized and committed attorneys of Chen Immigration firm. I got NIW I-140 approval in less than two months without RFE. I highly recommend this law group to all those for their immigration related work
9528 2023-03-22 17:41:35
Very smooth! Very helpful!
9527 2023-03-22 11:59:32
Chen Immigration is undoubtedly one of the leading attorney groups in the industry. Their services are comprehensive, and clients can rely on their team of seasoned attorneys for various legal needs. Prior to retaining their services, I had engaged with numerous law firms, which proved to be unfruitful and financially draining. However, Chen Immigration was a game-changer for me.
Not only were they cool-headed and helpful, but they also provided me with invaluable personal consultations that proved instrumental in my case. The response time was exceptionally fast, and they provided quick solutions to my legal challenges.
Overall, I strongly recommend Chen Immigration for anyone seeking top-notch legal representation. The team's expertise, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction make them stand out in the crowded legal market. If you're looking to save your hard-earned money while securing top-notch legal services, then Chen Immigration should be your go-to law firm.
9526 2023-03-22 11:00:29
It's my honor to work with YInan Zheng from ChenImmigrationGroup on my NIW case. Hihgly recomment Attorney Yinan Z. My NIW 140 was approved on Mar-17-2023.
9525 2023-03-22 09:54:47
University of North Carolina Greensboro
PhD Student
Chen immigration was professional in filing my NIW. They answered all my questions on time and provided a free DIY I485 package. Great team!
9524 2023-03-22 09:27:30
University of South Carolina
Postdoctoral Researcher
Working with Chen was fun. My minor suggestions would be a chat service or quick response team which would be very helpful in case of short and emergency messages of the clients. Nevertheless the team replies usually within 24 hours which is equally great considering the huge load of clients Chen work with.
9523 2023-03-22 09:17:11
Great job for both my NIW and EB1A cases. Thank you anyway!
9522 2023-03-22 02:15:25
The attorneys are very professional and organized. They replied to all my questions in a detailed and timely manner. The recommendation and petition letters are well-written. My NIW case was approved in 9 weeks without premium processing. Highly recommend!
9521 2023-03-22 00:58:19
During my NIW case preparation, the attorneys can always respond to my message within 1 business day. The initial draft of recommendation letters and petition letter only require minimum change from me. I would like to recommend to my friends.
9520 2023-03-22 00:17:34
I would highly recommend Chen. With their help, my NIW and EB1A got approved without problems. They are very professional.